Bullseye Adjusting Services

Bullseye Adjusting Services

Bullseye's mission is to provide rapid and efficient adjuster services per NFIP flood guidelines. Our goal is to develop adjusters that are trained to communicate with policy holders upon receiving the claim assignment, explain the services we will provide and investigate the insured property with the policy holder present. Our adjusters take the time with the policy holder to empathize with the policy holder's sense of loss. Our adjusters will follow the claim through the entire process answering any questions from the policy holder.

Bullseye’s philosophy starts with the very basic pragmatic and fundamental training to provide the best in flood claims. With proper training the chain of command allows our services to flow without unnecessary interruptions and provide Excellence in Claims Experience.

  • Training - Bullseye believes the foundation of Insured Retention and Excellence in Claims Experience starts with proper training. We place a high value on training and equipping flood adjusters and flood file examiners before flooding ever happens. By setting high expectations with adjusters and examiners, our partners who train have many years of experience and are authorized by FEMA/NFIP and private flood.

  • Daily Flood Claims – Using our Flood Adjusters APP, within two hours of your notification to us your insured will receive their first contact. Confirm the insured information and send important FEMA/NFIP information about “What to do after a flood.”

  • Catastrophic Events – During a catastrophic event, response time is important to customer centric services. Working with our partners and gathering real time data we mobilize the following:
    • Placing highly qualified flood adjusters and file examiners on standby (all adjusters and examiners will have been through vigorous training before an event happens.)
    • Conduct webinars leading up to the event related to news versus reality.
    • Securing a location to manage the event.
    • Secure “war room” to assist flood adjusters in closing claims.
    • Deploy flood adjusters’ losses based upon their skillset.
    • Provide systematic reporting to our partners.
    • Each partner with have a direct manager to collaborate

  • Claims Management System – While managing and reducing cost is important, not all CMS provide the same data desired. We will work with our partners to confirm before an event happens that all needed data reports are in place.